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Tin Signs and Vintage Metal Signs for Sale

Think back to the 1950’s: this was truly a classic decade that tends to evoke the feeling of fun, simpler times. Rock n’ roll was all the rage, people were driving around classic cars like the Corvette and Mustang, and new trends like the drive-through movies and restaurants were just coming onto the scene. Yes, the ‘50’s were a simpler time, and while we can’t go back to this iconic decade, it’s easy to bring the feeling back today with these vintage metal signs that transport you back to the delightful 1950’s.

Whether you’re planning to throw a ‘50’s themed party, or just want to enjoy some 1950’s-themed memorabilia in your home to remember the good times, these classic tin signs are a perfect way to evoke this great decade. Our collection covers it all – your favorite trends and icons from the ‘50’s have all been captured on these classic signs.

If cars are your thing, these tin signs evoking the classic ‘50’s Chevy or Pontiac are the perfect decor item for your garage! Or if you loved Betty Boop or the other iconic characters of the era, you can hang up this sweet pinup girl alongside Captain America for an instant blast of ‘50’s recollection. These tin signs are a great way to remember the iconic characters of these unforgettable times.

And of course, who can forget the classic Coca-Cola signs that defined the ‘50’s era? Take yourself right back to the innocent times when an ice-cold Coca-Cola from the glass bottle was the perfect way to quench your thirst. This was a decade where the local soda shop was the popular hangout, and Coca-Cola was the drink of choice.

These tin signs are a perfect vintage accessory to your bar area if you’re looking to bring back the vibe of the ‘50’s. Other great bar accessories include our classic Budweiser and Jack Daniel’s tin signs, evoking that great ‘50’s vibe. Whatever your beverage of choice, evoke that feeling with a classic sign to represent the good times.

And let’s not forget about the King of Rock n’ Roll himself. You can’t fully evoke the ‘50’s without a vintage tin sign of Elvis adorning your wall. And how about “I Love Lucy”?! There were so many classic icons from the ‘50’s, and we help you remember them all with our epic collection of memorabilia and vintage metal tin signs here. From vintage diners to the classic Route 66 sign, Fender guitars, and classic baseball… these signs bring back the vibes of the good times.

So whether you’re looking to decorate your home, bar, or restaurant in the style of the ‘50’s, the vintage tin and metal signs are absolutely the perfect way to transport yourself right back to this classic time. The 1950’s were truly an unforgettable time in American history, and while it’s not possible to go back in time, it is possible to remember these times and the feelings they evoke with classic tin signs to put up on the wall.