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Saddle Shoes

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Womens Saddle Shoes and Oxfords

Bring vintage back with the All-American shoe that’s always been in style! Saddle shoes were created in the early 1900’s, and were a wardrobe staple well until the time they became famous in the ‘50’s.

Bet you’ll never guess where these iconic shoes got their start! The two-toned footwear, was actually originally developed around 1901 as a sports shoe for men – particularly golfers! But because they didn’t want to show dirt from the golf course, they preferred an off-white color to pair with the darker tone. Women soon took on the trend for themselves, also known as oxford shoes – but women’s saddle shoes showed off a pure white instead to contrast with the darker leather!

By the 1930’s, new color combinations were becoming trendy: blue and white saddle shoes became all the rage, as well as more feminine lighter brown tones. And by this time, it was actually becoming trendy to “dirty up” the saddle shoes, dragging them through the dirt and gravel until they looked scruffy enough!

The ‘40’s and ‘50’s are when saddle shoes really blasted onto the scene of pop culture, leaving the sporting world behind and appearing on the feet of businessmen, housewives, and teenagers. By this time, the “dirty” trend had passed, and it was once again all the rage to have spotless, polished, bright white saddle shoes! Young girls started wearing them with bobby socks, and housewives would wear them around the house, changing into heels only before their husbands came home at the end of the day!

The 1950’s were undeniably the most iconic decade for saddle shoes. By this time, they were absolutely everywhere, in nearly every color and material. Blue, red, pink, green… Canvas, suede, patent leather… Every man, woman, and child was pairing their outfit with saddle shoes. Paired with the poodle skirt, this was the trendiest, most popular outfit of the times.

And in the mid-1950’s, a new style called the “Bubble” saddle oxford came into style. This shoe slimmed down the chunkier original style, and had a black buckle across the back, creating a lighter and more fashionable saddle shoe that was popularly worn by students. It adopted the nickname “Ivy League” for just this reason.

While you might imagine that after such a pop culture explosion, the saddle shoe would immediately die out of style after the ‘50’s – this was not the case. They were actually still used as a part of many school uniforms until well into the ‘90’s! But after the ‘60’s, the saddle shoe was phased out of the adult wardrobe, as it became seen as a more child-like shoe. This new “mod” generation of adults started rebelling against old-school styles and values, and while they definitely embraced the two-toned color blocking style into other areas of fashion, it was time for the saddle shoe to slowly make its way out – until the next revival.

So what about today? Are we going to see a revival of the saddle shoe?

Fortunately, you can bring back this style easily with our comfortable and fashionable women’s saddle shoes. This classic shoe, paired with poodle socks, makes the perfect costume for those looking to bring back the iconic 1950’s style! It’s the perfect way to re-live an amazing time in American history, and just maybe, to help bring back a style revival of this timeless classic shoe.