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  • These traditional adult saddle shoes are perfect for many occasions. We sell them for group events such as parades, bands, sport teams, cheerleader squads, dance groups, doing "Grease" as a play or drama, club members, etc.
  • 1950s colors of Black and White shoes with clay-color soles.  Saddle Shoes, saddle oxfords, ole' school shoes, no matter what you call them, they are a classic. They are just "fun to wear"! And if you are going to or having a 50s theme party, they are a must!
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Saddle Shoes Women Sizes

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IN STOCK--usually sent out within 24 Hours

Product Description

Women's Saddle Shoes

Attention Please: These shoes tend to run a 1/2 size small. Please keep this in mind when ordering these shoes. We do NOT carry these shoes in a wide width, we apologize in advance.

There may not be a pair of shoes that calls back an era the way saddle shoes do for the 1950s. Also called Saddle Oxfords, Oxford Shoes, Oxford Saddle Shoes like these are excellent for Grease costumes and sock-hop parties. Our saddle shoes are the perfect accessory to take a 1950s-themed costume to the next level on a budget.

The shoe features a durable upper with classic saddle oxford perforation details and laces for a great fit, padded insole for comfort, and a lightweight, flexible outsole, so you won’t have to worry about style or comfort. The sturdy brown sole ensures you can rock around the clock without damaging floors or your feet!

Put on your best poodle skirt and cat-eye glasses with these shoes for a timeless vintage look, or pair them with dark jeans and our Pink Ladies jacket to strut your stuff like Sandy and the Pink Ladies of Rydell High. 

A high-quality build, classic black and white color scheme and comfortable design make these shoes a must-have for any vintage party. For the perfect costume accessory, straight out of the 1950s, buy our saddle shoes today!

About our Black and White Oxford Saddle Shoes

Our black and white saddle shoes are perfect for:

  • Sock hops
  • Halloween Parties
  • Grease Plays & Grease-themed Parties
  • Anniversaries & Reunions
  • 1950s Themed Parties


Sizing our Saddle Shoes for Women

Shoe Size

Measure the inside your most comfortable shoe (but, not tennis shoes), 
with a 12 " ruler. Place the ruler inside the shoe all the way to the 
inside tip of the toe & measure to the inside back of the heel. 
Determine best size to order using the chart below. 


 Inside Length---8  11/16"-----Width Measurement---3  3/16" 

  Size--5 ½

 Inside Length ---8  13/16"----- Width Measurement ---3  4/16"


 Inside Length ---9"----- Width Measurement---3  5/16"9"

  Size--6 ½

 Inside Length ---9  3/16"----- Width Measurement ---3  6/16"


 Inside Length ---9  5/16"----- Width Measurement ---3  7/16"

  Size--7 ½

 Inside Length ---9  1/2"----- Width Measurement ---3  8/16"


 Inside Length ---9  11/16"----- Width Measurement ---3  9/16"

  Size--8 ½

 Inside Length ---9 13/16"----- Width Measurement ---3  10/16"


 Inside Length ---10"----- Width Measurement ---3  11/16"

  Size--9 ½

 Inside Length ---10 3/16"----- Width Measurement ---3  12/16"


 Inside Length ---10 5/16"----- Width Measurement ---3  13/16"


 Inside Length ---10 11/16"----- Width Measurement ---3  15/16"


 Inside Length ---11"----- Width Measurement ---4  1/16"



Women’s Saddle Shoe FAQ


Q. Do you carry wide widths?

A. We are sorry, we don’t carry wide widths. If you typically wear a wide width shoe, these may not be the right saddle shoes for you.


Q. What is the best way to care for my saddle shoes?

A. Wipe dirt and dust off with a clean, dry cloth. We recommend using Instant Shine Sponge for a quick, dust-free shine. We also find a product like Magic Eraser works well in conjunction with a product like Windex. The shoes can be polished too, but save that for when the other products are no longer effective which we find to be quite a while, they will clean up and look nice without polish for lots of wearing time.


Q. Are these leather saddle shoes?

A. These are constructed with a synthetic material. 

Product Reviews

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  1. Memory Lane

    Posted by on

    Loved everything...A trip down memory lane...

  2. Perfect FIT!

    Posted by on

    I loved everything ! The shoes fit perfect. We are going on a Malt Shop Cruise which will have many famous groups like the Letterman, Jay and the Americans, Vogues, etc. from the 50s-60s on the ship with us. There is a sock hop along with many other special nights and activities all through the week. Nostalgiaville was great at getting my order to me soooo fast.

  3. Amazing

    Posted by on

    My results were amazing...only took under 10 days and satisfaction.The shoes are exactly what I wanted!

  4. Thanks

    Posted by on

    I like the shoes. Thanks

  5. nice shoes

    Posted by on

    We loved our outfits

  6. I recommend your saddle shoes

    Posted by on

    When I get compliments I tell them where I got them,I love my saddle saddle shoes,I haven't really worn them much lately but so far so good

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