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1950s Memorabilia and Collectables

The 1950s were an iconic decade that reminds us today of the simpler times. When we think back to the ‘50s, we often smile with nostalgia, remembering the birth of rock ‘n’ roll, the classic sock hop dance with poodle skirts and saddle shoes, the waitresses on roller skates serving up burgers and fries at the local drive-in diner. It’s no wonder that these classic icons are often replicated today; they represent the sweetness of a decade that will forever remain in our hearts as an unforgettable time in American history.

If you’re looking to bring the memories of these times into your home, whether for a party or just for reliving a classic moment of your past, we have a fantastic collection of 1950s assorted memorabilia to decorate your space. These items are more than just fun mementos of the past - they are classic and iconic symbols of a decade that changed American culture forever. Rock ‘n’ roll, hot rods and drive-ins define American nostalgia and we have subtle accessories that help call back to the 50s, bringing these items into your home at premium quality.

Our fuzzy dice offer a little bit of inexpensive nostalgic spice that you can use to decorate retro-themed parties, children’s bedrooms, or, of course, your review mirror just like the good old days. A variety of sizes and colors offer an option for any person or occasion.

Use our classic pink flamingo design to decorate your yard for a vintage summer party or luau. They also work perfectly as an everyday yard decoration for some easy and inexpensive color on your lawn. We over convenient discount options for bulk orders – if you are hosting a large summer party or event, we’ve got you covered!

Classic 1950s memorabilia offer the perfect options to bring the classic decade back into your home today. Our collection of memorabilia will transport you right back to the iconic decade that inspired an entire cultural revolution in America, evolving to influence style and trends globally to this day. The ‘50s may never be back in quite the same way, but iconic symbols like the dice in the mirror and the flamingo in the yard by the pool can bring you back any day of the year. Browse our collection of memorabilia to enhance your next vintage party today!