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Cardboard Car Centerpieces for your 1950s Parties

Looking for and fun and easy way to bring 1950’s vintage style straight to your party table? Our delightful collection of 1950’s classic cardboard cars will have you feeling like you’re right behind the wheel of your favorite T-Bird or Chevy! These cardboard food boxes are an amazing centerpiece to hold your favorite snacks while evoking these classic times and unforgettable cars.

It’s undeniable: 1950’s cars were one of the most iconic parts of this unforgettable decade. Truth be told, the car culture of this decade was unparalleled by any other. This is a time when automobile production was at its peak, and the unique evolution of car design was blasting onto the scene of mainstream culture. The massive rise in design and safety innovations brought a period of many iconic, highly-valued classic cars that are prized to this day.

So what were some of these famed models? You probably have your own favorites, but some of the most popular and iconic cars of the ‘50’s include the Corvette, Mustang, T-Bird, and Hot Rod. Bringing these classic cars to mind evokes a carefree time, the classic decade of the 1950’s where waitresses wore roller skates in the diners and the Beach Boys even sang about their prized cars.

What’s especially amazing about the massive cultural explosion of cars in the ‘50’s, are the entire new categories of businesses that were created to support this new movement. We take for granted the drive-through restaurants and movies that we enjoy today – but did you ever stop to think about when and where those came into being? These new car-centered businesses allowing people to drive-through to eat and enjoy entertainment were invented right during this period – with the booming explosion of car culture in the 1950’s! So when we look at these classic cardboard cars, we remember the entire cultural revolution that came along with them.

Not only were iconic models of cars coming onto the scene, but new car accessories and decor were becoming hot as well. Things like hood ornaments, elaborate tail lights, and even a “Space Age” type of look with lots of chrome and tailfins were becoming all the rage during the ‘50’s. We’ve seen some of these iconic styles stay through into modern car culture, and some fade away with time. But one thing is certain: the classic style of 1950’s cars is one that’s instantly recognizable and well-loved by people worldwide today, whether car-lovers or not!

So what’s your favorite car from the ‘50’s? Did you love those classic pastel shades, or the bright red Corvette? Would you give anything to get behind the wheel of a spotless white Mustang, or is the laid-back Chevy Bel Air more your style?

Whatever your favorite cars were, these party food boxes are the perfect way to experience them all over again, in a lighthearted way. Classic cardboard cars are a fun and simple decor item that brings back one of the most iconic and vintage times in American history. So head out to your favorite diner and pick up some burgers and fries to bring back the simpler times of the ‘50’s, and put them right inside these classic cardboard cars to transport your party right back to the glorious decade of the ‘50’s.