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Samantha Brown

Sprucing Up Your Yard with Lawn Flamingos

There is something about certain pieces of furniture, clothing, or décor that can kick up different memories. Just as the smell of your high school perfume can instantly bring up thoughts and feelings of those days, specific objects can bring up a time and a place long since forgotten.

For us, one of those objects is a lawn flamingo. Known as the plastic pink flamingo, yard flamingos, and Featherstone flamingos, these birds are bright and pink and they have wire legs that make for easy mounting on your lawn or garden. The summer ornaments stir up the feeling of long hot summers that just dragged on and on, being bored but not wanting to go back to school, the taste of lemonade, and the sound of cicada’s humming in the August afternoons.

Although flamingo lawn ornaments may remind you of your grandparent’s house, there was a time when pink lawn flamingos were happening and were among the most popular accessories in the USA. In fact, the inventor of the pink flamingo won the IG Nobel Prize for his creation. You can give your garden or front yard a cool, vintage vibe today with lawn flamingos.

Don Featherstone of Union Plastics invented these pink pop icons in 1957. From there, the flamingos went from lawn ornament to something more. These birds quickly gained popularity and traction (keep in mind we are entering the ‘60s here and everything is bold, flashy, and colorful, including home and garden decor).

The plastic pink flamingo became an icon representing a difference in socio-economical groups. The pink lawn flamingo was an affordable decoration, so many lower and middle-class people were drawn to them as a way to decorate their homes and gardens. Plastics were also gaining popularity rapidly as a material for all sorts of things, from decorations to containers and utensils to furniture as they were inexpensive and very versatile. Flamingo lawn ornaments took over as the ultimate ornament for sprucing up the lawn without the costs of wooden or stones statues and without the expense of pricey landscaping.

Flamingos were also equated with wealth and beauty in some states, Florida in particular, where the beautiful pink birds were hunted to extinction, but still visited from places in the Caribbean. While lower and middle-class people embraced the fun and flamboyant lawn decorations, the upper class, however, turned up their noses at the pink plastic and they became a sort of symbol for tackiness and kitsch. Some neighborhood boards will go so far as to fine home owners for having these decorations available for viewing.

Nowadays, pink plastic flamingos can be a great addition to your home decoration. They can be used in their traditional fashion, but also in new, fun and experimental manners. See our decorating ideas below!

1.Put them in your garden on your lawn

The best way to use pink flamingos as home décor is the way they were intended! Decorating your home with pink plastic flamingos in the modern day can give it a fun, vintage feel to it. Planting these strategically in your garden is cute and will give your visitors a throwback straight to the eternal summers in Florida in the ‘50s.

2.Use them as decorations for your next big bash

Throwing a birthday party? How about a tropical-themed party? Whatever the theme may be, these fun flamingos can add some sass and personality to your party’s décor. There is just something about them that is so classically summery. They also won’t break the bank and you can save on this website by buying in bulk!

3.Make them seasonal

Who says flamingo decorations need only be reserved for hot weather. Dress up your flamingos for cute and funny décor at any time of year. Your flamingo can make a great turkey decoration just in time for thanksgiving! Black and glow-in-the-dark paint can turn your flamingos into funky skeletons for some spooky Halloween fun. At Christmas, flamingos can be both Santa and reindeer. Your own mind is the limit when it comes to seasonal decorating with flamingos. Check out Pinterest for some more decorating inspiration.

4.Display around the house

Not into the thought of plastic flamingos on the lawn? Our vintage wooden flamingo signs can make cute decorations for your kid’s room, your bar area or your games’ room. These birds are as cute as they are pretty and can give any room a whimsical 50’s feel. A neon flamingo sign can also light up your home bar or be a fun addition to your workshop or office.

You can also use lawn flamingos in your indoor houseplants to keep that summer vibe going all year round.

5.Play a great prank

Pink lawn flamingos have turned many people into the butt of a joke. Have your good neighborhood friends wake up to a flock of pink plastic on their lawn or have your office mate come back to work after a vacation to a fun flock of flamingos in his cubicle.

Although the most popular, pink plastic lawn flamingos aren’t the only way to add some character to your home. Neon signs and fun, vintage wooden signs are options too. You also don’t need to use them in the traditional way, but if you like the look of flamingos in your garden or on your lawn, you can rest assured that you’re guaranteed to come off looking fun, edgy, or ironic and not tacky.

Pink lawn flamingos are the ultimate nostalgic accessories for your home and there are lots of ways to decorate your home with them on top of their traditional usage as lawn ornaments. Whether you choose to use them as a party prop, seasonal ornamentation or even inside your home, pink lawn flamingos will forever represent the eternal summer of our youth, good time spent outdoors and family. 

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