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Adrienne Luther

Best Vintage Sewing Blogs

Adrienne here.

I’ve been wanting to take up sewing for a while. My grandmother used to sew every costume for our local theatre. She’s well achieved celebrity status thanks to her skills. To date, I’d imagine she’s whipped up upwards of a couple hundred costumes. Easily. She gives our Grease costumes a run for their money.

To say I’m shooting for her level would be a bit of a stretch, but at the very least I’m giving this my best go. Unfortunately, I’m between apartments right now and I haven’t been able to set up a solid workspace. (Seems like sewing takes up a lot of room! Am I wrong, sewers?)

Anyways, I haven’t *really* gotten rolling on things. But… I have some great Pinterest boards going and I’m a loyal follower of more than a few retro clothing blogs.

Folks, these people are living the dream. Every blogger I follow is so dang cool, I can only aspire! Not only are they able to create some textile masterpieces, they’re also always done up in the cutest stylings. I swoon.

Anyways, I thought I’d round up a list of the best blogs I follow when it comes to vintage sewing – I’m such a fan of all of these blogs and hope you’ll check them out!

Without further adieu…

The Mood Sewcity Blog

This blog is host to several of my favorite guest bloggers, as well as consistent contributors at the site itself. Chock full of great patterns that range eras, style inspiration, and more, this blog is my usual go-to whenever I have some time to kill. Looks range from runway to DIY and include tips, tricks, and more.

A vintage inspired high rise jean tutorial via By Gum, By Golly

By Gum, By Golly

Tasha over at By Gum, By Golly has an eye for design. She’ll whip up the most flattering, mid century looks that’ll have you saying “damn, that’s hip!” And if you’re into knitting, this blog has that, too! Some of her designs can get a little intense, so I’d recommend this blog if you have some experience with a sewing machine. She does have a lot of awesome “hacks” such as restyling some patterns into tops and such. Check it out!

A Stitching Odyssey

This blog is great if you’re looking for inspiration and community. A Stitching Odyssey started the collective that all work together to build their portfolios and help each other with tricky patterns – all while holding each other accountable. If you’re interested in making some vintage and retro sewing connections, check out the collective here.

The Vintage Pattern Collective

This site is great for folks looking for some old patterns. It’s currently being shown some TLC, so there aren’t as many patterns as there once was, but you should have much trouble finding some inspiration. I mean… look at their header! Chock full of pattern inspiration! Where can I find the pattern for those palazzo pants?! 

Check out the selection from Old Patterns!

Old Patterns: Patterns from the Past

One word: goldmine. This site hosts exactly what you’d expect – a TON of old patterns. We’re talking a plethora. Hundreds. It’s amazing. I’ve gotten lost just looking at ideas for what to make when I actually gear up and start making. If you’re a veteran seamstress, this site may be old hat. 

Vintage Gal

I love, love, love this blog. The photos are all really well styled and high quality – meaning I can spend way more time ogling and less searching for something pretty – everything is pretty. In addition to blogging about crochet and sewing and fashion, Vintage Gal hosts an incredibly informative podcast and runs a gorgeous Pinterest board collection. Definitely worth checking out.


This blog is host to a community of women who all sew amazing retro fashion – from shorts to dresses and shoes. The group prides themselves on making new connections and harvesting friendships, too. If you’re looking to find “your people,” in the sewing realm, this might be the place for you. The blog has over a thousand contributing sewing bloggers according to their website – you’re bound to found someone you fancy.

The Sewing Room Alameda

The Sewing Room is actually a sweet little business in Alameda, but their blog is a treat in itself! Get lost in some fantastic posts that follow the sewing journey of Jennifer Serr. Every post goes in depth with the step necessary to work through problems in sewing, as well as tiny tips sprinkled in. Worth a read for sure!

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