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Adrienne Luther

Best Vintage Cooking Blogs 2018

Sure, we can entertain with some nostalgic candies, but there’s a whole art to cookin' up vintage recipes. 

Whether you’re a Julia Childs ride-or-die follower or a more modern Food Network junkie, we’ve got you covered. Wading through the internet in search of the perfect recipe can be exhausting, so we cut the corners for you and made a list of the best vintage cooking blogs to get you started. Here’s a sweet (and salty) list of blogs we adore for some retro cooking inspiration.

What were we looking for when selecting our blogs for this list?

Content, tone, and usefulness were all taken into consideration when building this list of featured blogs. Make no mistake, we only scraped the surface of nostalgic blogs (trust us, we spend waaaaaay too much time online). But, we think we scouted out the best blogs to give you inspiration and a good read.

Think we missed someone? Shoot us an email at!

The Vintage Recipe Blog

If you’re looking for recipes from the early 20th century, this blog is a fantastic resource. Chock full of great meal ideas and hilarious commentary, The Vintage Recipe Blog is a wonderful resource for inspiration and entertaining reads.

Photo via Retro Food for Modern Times

Retro Food for Modern Times

Ooh, this blog is a goodie! A great resource for funky inspiration and listicles mostly highlighting later twentieth century food. This blog features everything from retro graphics to take ya back, as well as recipes for drinks, soups, casseroles, and more!

Bad and Ugly of Retro Food

This blog hasn’t been updated in a bit, but it’s a fun read. With lots of hilarious features of (you guessed it) gnarly lookin’ grub your mom probably whipped up – this is a great blog to read through at least once. Bad and Ugly puts tried and true to the test – we need these watchdogs of vintage cooking! Keep Martha Stewart in check!

Finding Betty Crocker

This blog is an absolute delight for those of us with an appreciation for the charm and historical significance of Betty Crocker. With nostalgic photos of recipe days gone by and history lessons on the women that ran the force that is Betty Crocker, this blog reads more like a series of well written articles

Grannie Pantries

If you’re looking for some solid trial-and-error escapades, look no further than the likes of Grannie Pantries. Self described as, “a place to appreciate the horrors of vintage cookbooks,” this blog is a treat and a half to read.

Photo via Lost Recipes Found

Lost Recipes Found

This little blog has some great recipes and gorgeous food photography. We especially love this little ode to the pea salad that was just posted. Each post is filled with prose as rich as whatever is being prepared to eat. The blog reads more as a coffee table book thanks to its imagery. Lost Recipes Found is a blog that is easy to get swept up in, and we wouldn’t have it any other way. (Trust us – we’ve read most posts!)

Silver Screen Suppers

Ever wonder what Bing Crosby dines on? Maybe Vincent Price? Whatever classic star's diet you dwell on, Silver Screen Suppers likely has a post for you. This blog dishes up links to celebrity recipes from Hollywood's greatest era – and every blog post is a treat. We're especially fans of Audrey Hepburn's pasta specialties. 

Photo via Bad Jelly

Bad Jelly Blog

This blog may not be up-to-date, but it sure is a fun read – esepcially for those of us delighted by ‘70s and ‘80s dines. With themed months (check out Avocado month) and some entertaining trial-and-errors, this blog is worth the read.

To give you a taste of the humor, here’s a snippet from their trial of Lazy Daisy Salad

“But one has to wonder, if you’re too lazy to do more than dump mayonnaise on top of leftovers, could you be bothered cutting egg whites into flower shapes or driving all over town to find real fresh daisies? I guess this is just another case for the unsolved retro food files.”

In the Vintage Kitchen

Katherine over at the Vintage Kitchen has a true way with words as she works through historic recipes. With a charm well deserving of Food Network coverage, this blog is a great read as well as a resource. We recommend the Petite Fours, which are absolutely gorgeous and a joy to read about how to whip up.

Vintage Kitchen Notes

With 30 years of experience baking, Paula at the Vintage Kitchen Notes blog does an impeccable job detailing how to bake vintage recipes – adding accessibility to difficult recipes and allowing those of us who may find baking challenging to bite of just enough for us to chew. The photos featured are all stunning, too. It’s really easy to get lost in this blog! We recommend the Black and White Cookies recipe, which we’ve baked several times and have always had great luck.

Vintage Recipes and Cookery

If you're feeling reeeally retro, take a step back in time with Vintage Recipes and Cookery. This blog has stuff dating back to way before our beloved mid-century... we're talking 1800's, baby. Impress your friends (and yourself) by following one of this blog's many bread or dessert recipes – complete with in-depth history lesson, too.

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