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Adrienne Luther

10 Ideas for a Nostalgic Night In

Are you and your sweetheart tired of getting dressed up only to be out for a couple of hours? Snowed in? Or just wanting to indulge in a little “staycation”? Look no further. We’ve compiled a list of inside activities for you and your partner, or even a party if ya please. Take a retro night in for yourselves and get a little nostalgic.

Mid-century fashion not required, but admired.

Pajamas? Totally encouraged.

Break Out a Nostalgic Craft

What you’ll need:

This activity pairs well with some cocktails and good company. Think back to your favorite camp craft and channel your inner Martha Stewart. Be it Shrinky Dinks or an old Bedazzler – getting artsy with some classic craft supplies is a guaranteed good night in.

Try Out an Old Board or Card Game

What you’ll need:

  • A vintage board game
  • Or a vintage card game

For this night in, you’ll need to track down a game from the past. This can be pretty difficult if you’re not looking in the right places – check your parents’ house, the old weird hall closet full of junk, the basement, or opt for shopping… Amazon or Ebay is sure to have a goodie. Check out your local thrift stores if you’re really feeling the hunt. Craft some drinks with your partner and get rolling on whatever game you choose.

Can You Name that Song?

What you’ll need:

  • A playlist or two of songs from whatever era you choose

For this game, you’ll need to assemble a list of songs from the past. Each player can bring some tunes to the table. Then, taking turns, play a short snippet from the song at whatever part you please (some have long lead ins, so be mindful – looking at you, Pink Floyd!). See if your opponent can guess within a certain amount of time (we recommend 10 seconds for a better challenge). Whomever racks up the most identifications by the end of the game wins!

Image via MidCenturyMenu

Try Out A Retro Recipe

What you’ll need:

  • An old cookbook or...
  • A recipe from Pinterest
  • Ingredients for chosen recipe

This is a great kick-off to a night in, or a whole date night! Try out one of your grandma’s favorite cookie recipes or whip up a classic mid-century meal. There are several sites to track down a vintage recipe to try out, too – Pinterest is a great place to start. We’re also keen on the Mid Century Menu and Miss Semi Sweet. Cook up a full course meal or stick with snacks to accompany other activities planned for the rest of the night.

Grease is Great Company

What you’ll need:

This night in is a great option for your favorite Pink Ladies and T-Birds, or just you and your Danny or Sandy! Throw a costume party if you’re feeling like a full-on screening of a truly classic flick (check out some awesome Grease costumes here…) or opt for PJs and popcorn and lots of pillows (seriously… if you’re going to stay in, might as well get super comfy!). There are also lots of great options for themed snacks, check out Pinterest for more options!

TCM and Chill

What you’ll need:

  • Turner Classic Movies Channel (most cable packages carry this channel)
  • Snacks, general

Are you and your beau obsessed with black and white films? Maybe some true classics curated for cable television? Look no further. If you’re lucky enough to have this channel, pop some popcorn and stick to the easiest of routes for staying side – television and snacks. Check out TCM’s schedule to find a flick you’ve been meaning to watch or wing it – as if you could go wrong!

Learn to Swing, Shuffle, or Mash

What you’ll need:

  • Youtube Tutorials
  • Partner (optional)
  • Determination

Look, there ain’t no shame in staying in and learning to groove with your partner. If you have the space, gosh darn it – use it! There are tons of great tutorials online with step-by-step instructions on how to dance your favorite jigs. Folks all too often assume the only venue for lessons is a dance class, but you can snag some moves and a decent workout just by staying in and dedicating some focus to the craft. You can do it!

Put on Some Vinyl

What you’ll need:

  • Your favorite music from your youth
  • Vinyl encouraged, but other mediums (CDs and MP3s work, too)

For a fun challenge and to show off your taste, take turns spinning some tunes. Grab some nice beverages (bonus points if it’s a drink from your youth) and immerse yourselves in some classic tunes. Be it a romantic night with Sinatra or a psychedelic throwback to some Pink Floyd, chilling out and listening to music like the good ole days is an invaluable experience. Nothing connects two people like music. If you’re sharing some nostalgia, you’re sure to feel the love, too.

The Do You Remember…? Game

What you’ll need:

  • Nostalgic food and drinks

This game requires some supplies, so you’ll have to hit the store before your night in.

Here’s how it works:

In two separate trips, each person stocks up on a few items from their youth. Be it cheap beer you drank in college or candy from your childhood. Disguise the items you chose by covering the labels or unwrapping them and making them unrecognizable if they have a standard shape. Then, test your partner by having them try and guess what you got. This works best with beverages!

Really Sappy: Return to the Wedding Video

What you’ll need:

  • Old family videos
  • Probably some red wine, too

Feeling like a real throwback? Pop in that sweet VHS and watch old videos – weddings, birthdays, bar mitzvahs… all good for a suuuper nostalgic night in. Crack some jokes at Barbara’s should pads and tear up when you danced with Dad. A night in with old family videos is a sure-fire way to get in your feelings.

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