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1950s Themed Party Supplies and Decorations

Think back to a time when things were simpler: the 1950’s. This was a time when diners, drive-in movies, records, and poodle skirts were all the rage – a time that we often think to with nostalgia! It’s no surprise that 1950’s themed parties are a popular idea for those looking to recreate a classic time in American history.

One of the most classic parties in the ‘50’s was the sock hop! This kind of dance was named for quite an obvious reason: the whole idea was to take off your shoes and dance in your socks! Today, many schools still put on a “sock hop” in honor of these classic times! Sock hop decorations bring back the feeling and era of the ‘50’s and its simpler, innocent times in a way like no other. If you’re thinking about throwing a sock hop, or just looking to decorate for a ‘50’s themed party, we have you covered for all the supplies you’ll need.

Rock n’ roll music of the 1950’s was all the rage, one of the most iconic parts of this decade – and spinning classic records is the way it was done. Hanging records up on the walls or from the ceiling is the perfect way to bring back this classic icon as you play your favorite tunes from the ‘50’s over the loudspeaker. Other 1950’s themed party decorations include the classic cardboard car, jukebox, and black-and-white checkered table cover that you would have seen covering the tables of diners back in the ‘50’s! Try setting up a soda fountain at your party to serve up the classic drinks from this decade, right on top of the checked table cloth to recreate the vibe!

And we can’t forget about the classic poodle skirt! Worn by trendy girls of the times, these skirts were all the rage at the traditional sock hop back in the ‘50’s. Donning one of these today instantly transports you back to this simpler time, when rock n’ roll was just taking shape, and kids were driving around in their T-Bird to the local diner or drive-through, wearing saddle shoes and listening to the Beach Boys.

Decorating your party table with a classic malt or banana split brings back these simpler times, or even serving these delicious desserts at your party! It’s just not a ‘50’s party without evoking the classic soda shop and jukebox blasting out the favorite rock n’ roll tunes of the times. Hang up some big music notes and jukebox posters to bring back the vibes of the era. Our 1950’s party supplies provide everything you need to take your guests back to this beloved decade. From party plates and napkins to wall hangings, table covers, and even wall murals, we haven’t left out a thing in our collection of 1950’s themed party decorations.

So let the good times roll, and transport your party back to a time when things were simpler, when rock n’ roll blasted out over the jukebox, and teenagers spent their lazy afternoons sipping malts at the drive-in. There’s a reason the ‘50’s stay forever beloved in our minds and hearts, and now you can bring them right back today with our fun collection of party supplies. 

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