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Saddle Shoes Women Sizes


Saddle Shoes Women Sizes

IN STOCK--usually sent out within 24 Hours

Product Description

1950s style adult saddle shoes, or as some call them saddle oxfords are available in the following women's sizes:

5,  (5  1/2),  6,  (6  1/2),  7,   (7 1/2),  8,   (8 1/2),  9,  (9  1/2),  10,  11,  & 12. Note:  half sizes are available through size 10, then whole sizes 10, 11 & 12. 

1950s colors of Black and White shoes with clay-color soles.  Saddle Shoes, saddle oxfords, ole' school shoes, no matter what you call them, they are a classic and we still sell hundreds of them a year. They are just "fun to wear"! And if you are going to or having a 50s theme party, they are a must!

These traditional adult saddle shoes are perfect for many ocassions. We sell them for group events such as parades, bands, sport teams, cheerleader squads, dance groups, doing "Grease" as a play or drama, club members, and on and on. Also of course great for those who want to convey a 50s school girl style, that is popular yet today. The shoe features a durable upper with classic saddle oxford perforation details and laces for a great fit, padded insole for comfort, and a lightweight, flexible outsole.  


Size Guides for Adult Saddle Shoes:

ATTENTION PLEASE: These shoes tend to run a 1/2 size small. There are a few exceptions to that rule, of course, but as a general rule we find they run small, so therefore, we make every effort to help you order the size shoes you need.  PLEASE, take a couple of minutes to do one of these simple steps to help insure that you are ordering the correct size. ALSO, FREQUENTLY, WE RECEIVE CALLS & EMAILS CONCERNING WIDE WIDTHS. We wish we could say we have them but we don't and our experience is that if you ALWAYS wear a wide width, these shoes won't work for you, sorry. The widths are included in our measurement chart you'll find BELOW so you can double check.

Measuring Option #1:   Take a 12 inch ruler, find a pair of your dress shoes that fit you comfortably, not tennis shoes.  Place the ruler in the shoe as far up to the front tip as you can. Make sure the ruler is in the middle of the heel end of the shoe, then look to see what the inside measurement is. Let's say, it is 9 1/2". Next, look at the size chart below and see that you would order a size 7 1/2.  That Works for Most people who are measuring a size 7 shoe that fits them well. 

However, if
you are measuring a size 7 shoe that fits you well, and it measures 9 1/4", (not 9 1/2"), then you would order a size 7 shoe, because, you are obviously one of the exceptions to the rule. It happens! That being said, we still consider this the most accurate way to determine what size to order and usually a 1/2 size larger that you normally wears works the best, but there are a couple of other ways you can use to double check. 

Measuring Option #2: Place your foot on a 12 inch ruler being careful to place the back of your heel on the 1/4" mark to allow for the back of your shoe. Then check the measurement from your heel to your longest toe. Refer to the measurement chart below to determine the size shoe to order. This is harder to do by yourself, so you may need someone to see if your foot is placed correctly on the ruler.

Please take into consideration also,  the thickness of the sock you will wear with them determining shoe size also. Please measure carefully. We hope this helps you to make a correct determination when ordering.  You will see that the shoes only vary about 1/4" for each half size and 1/2" for the size 10, 11, & 12 shoes. Therefore, being as accurate on your measurements is VERY IMPORTANT!!



Again, Measure the inside your most comfortable shoe (but, not tennis shoes),
with a 12 " ruler. Place the ruler inside the shoe all the way to the
inside tip of the toe & measure to the inside back of the heel.
Determine best size to order using the chart below. 

  SIZE--5 INSIDE LENGTH---8  11/16"-----WIDTH MEASUREMENT---3  3/16" 
  SIZE--5 ½  INSIDE LENGTH---8  13/16"-----WIDTH MEASUREMENT---3  4/16"
  SIZE--6  INSIDE LENGTH---9"-----WIDTH MEASUREMENT---3  5/16"9"
  SIZE--6 ½  INSIDE LENGTH---9  3/16"-----WIDTH MEASUREMENT---3  6/16"
  SIZE--7  INSIDE LENGTH---9  5/16"-----WIDTH MEASUREMENT---3  7/16"
  SIZE--7 ½  INSIDE LENGTH---9  1/2"-----WIDTH MEASUREMENT---3  8/16"
  SIZE--8  INSIDE LENGTH---9  11/16"-----WIDTH MEASUREMENT---3  9/16"
  SIZE--8 ½  INSIDE LENGTH---9 13/16"-----WIDTH MEASUREMENT---3  10/16"
 SIZE-- 9  INSIDE LENGTH---10"-----WIDTH MEASUREMENT---3  11/16"
  SIZE--9 ½  INSIDE LENGTH---10 3/16"-----WIDTH MEASUREMENT---3  12/16"
  SIZE--10  INSIDE LENGTH---10 5/16"-----WIDTH MEASUREMENT---3  13/16"
  SIZE--11  INSIDE LENGTH---10 11/16"-----WIDTH MEASUREMENT---3  15/16"
  SIZE--12  INSIDE LENGTH---11"-----WIDTH MEASUREMENT---4  1/16"

 ****DO WE HAVE WIDE WIDTHS?, SO SORRY, We Don't! The chart shows the width of the shoes at the widest part of your foot from side to side. If you are very much above that measurement, you really probably won't be able to wear these shoes comfortably.

Care for the shoes: Wipe dirt and dust off with a clean, dry cloth. We recommend: Instant Shine Sponge for a quick, dust-free shine; we also find a product like Magic Eraser works well in conjunction with a product like Windex. The shoes can be polished too, but save that for when the other products are no longer effective which we find to be quite a while, they will clean up and look nice without polish for lots of wearing time.




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